Sieck's Game

A New Chapter Begins...
Chapter 1

It is the time of The Melting. The time when the remaining winter snows give way to the comfort and warmth of the sun. The long unforgiving winter finally over as the sun ushers in new life and new beginnings…

The warm season ahead, promises bountiful harvests and new hopes, for adventures and treasure hunters alike yearning to resume their quest for glory after a long dormant winter.

That’s not all that looks forward to the dawn of a new season. Unspeakable evil and powerful monsters awaken from their long winter hibernation, hungry and looking to spread chaos and destruction once again. Demons and ancient beings whom names are long forgotten seek to devour all of Faerun and cast this beautiful land into darkness…

Three unlikely heroes cross paths to forge the tip of the sword against the rising darkness…will these heroes set aside their difference and work together to save Faerun, or will ego’s and greed devour their resolve?

Your adventure begins on the merchant ship Prosperity. Bound for Baldur’s Gate carrying much needed lumber supplies. A disaster has stuck the western heartland, an earth shattering quake has laid ruin and devastation to the heartland….The Prosperity carries with her building supplies and eager adventures looking to lift this great region up from the rubble.

You long to feel solid ground beneath your feet again. You have been cramped on the Prosperity for what seems like an eternity. Your diet nothing but cheap ale and fish. You yearn for a meal other than fish…and sleep oh yes…sleeping on a soft bed, next to a warm fire…heaven. You have slept little on this journey. A journey filled with rough seas and even rougher weather. Sometimes not seeing clears skies for weeks.

Good news is ahead though as the Captain informs you the rest of the crew that you are two days away from Baldur’s Gate. It would seems FATE has smiled down upon you finally….or has it?

Time and Seasons of Faerun

Almost every people or race of Faerun marks the passage of days, seasons, and years in some fashion. In Cormyr and a dozen other kingdoms, royal astrologers carefully tend the Roll of Years. Even the war-heralds of the unlettered orc-tribes compose harsh chants that record the days and deeds of their fierce chieftains.

Day and Night

Faerun’s days are 24 hours long, divided into night and day and by the rising and setting sun. In southern lands such as Halruaa, the length of night does not vary much with the season, and 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark is the rule year-round. In the North, the days are longer in summer and shorter in winter. Midwinter day is Silverymoon see little more than 8 hours day light, and Midsummer almost 16.

The Calendar of of Harptos

Most of Faerun uses the Calendar of Harptos, named after the long dead wizard who invented it. Few bother to refer to Harptos by name, the calendar is the only calendar they know.

Month Name Common Name

1 Hammer Deepwinter

Annual Holiday: Midwinter

2 Alturiak The Claw of Winter
3 Ches The Claw of Sunsets
4 Tarsakh The Claw of Storms

Annual Holiday: Greengrass

5 Mirtul The Melting
6 Kythorn The Time of Flowers
7 Flamerule Summertide

Annual Holiday: Midsummer

8 Eleasis Highsun
9 Eleint The Fading

Annual Holiday: Highharvestide

10 Marpenoth Leaffall
11 Uktar The Rotting

Annual Holiday: The Feast of the Moon

12 Nightal The Drawing Down


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